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Bespoke Personal Coaching

Our reputable group classes normally operate on Wednesday and Friday evenings after school. Bespoke and Personal Coaching is by agreement with the client. Grow your skills the best way you can.

Pre-school, Weds 4pm, Book Now
For 18months-3 1/2 years. Skills learnt include parent support skills, language development, cognitive understanding, kinesthology of water and modeling of skills with other children. We do this is in a song based environment.

Beginner 1, Weds/Fri 4pm, Book Now
For 3-4+ year olds. Skills learnt include orientation in water, confidence to know they are safe and in a fun way, be able to move (travel) independently. Aquatic breathing and relaxation with water will be our main focus with the class. A child’s confidence is priceless. We recognize that.

Beginner 2, Weds 4.30pm/Fri 4pm, Book Now
For 4+ year olds. Skills learnt include core skills, patterns of basic movement and physical literacy, relaxation with movement and orientation in water. Children also learn rotation and basic travel. Independent swimming is important them and to us. Our swimmers know they can do it themselves.

Improver, Weds 5pm /Fri 4.30pm, Book Now
For 5+ year olds. Skills learnt include travel over 10M plus, basic stroke skills, surface diving, personal safety skills and some early skill technique. We want our swimmers to have fun, know they can get out of difficulty safely and experience an efficient way of travelling. All round ability makes an all round performer and above all a happy swimmer. We aim to do all that.

Advanced, Weds 5.30pm/Fri 4.30pm, Book Now
For 6+ year olds. Skills learnt include the 4 strokes, lifesaving (Rookie Lifeguard), personal survival, young swim helper, and specialist technique for those wishing to go on and join swimming club and/or other aquatic disciplines like water polo etc. It is important to me to know that swimmers are confident technicians in their strokes and can apply that knowledge to range of other activities of their choice.

Bespoke and Personal Training
For enquiries regarding individual small group, specialist group/s, company groups and/or personal coaching please call us direct to arrange a free consultation visit. Clients will receive a training plan, agreed goals set and individual support to help achieve them as required.

Our menu of fees is available upon request depending on the package agreed. Enquire Now or email

An ASA accredited swim school and training partner with qualified and experienced ASA staff. We also follow the national curriculum Framework for Learn to Swim, using continuous assessment to celebrate every swimmers achievement.

Swimstart Training Centres
Our classes take place at Livingwell Health Club (Hilton Hotel, Bradely Stroke, Bristol).
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